• super加速器

    rnt computer vision


    Our research team enhances narrow AI solutions by augmenting Object detection models to identify newer objects and detect them in real life images / videos with high accuracy.


    Leveraging the power of NLP our software solution combines Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to develop outstanding data models to derive value from unstructured data and enhance the customer satisfaction.

    NLP natural language processing
    rpa robotic process automation


    Our RPA Development team focuses on delivering last mile automation solutions by adding our custom OCR and NLP competences.



    Rabbit and Tortoise Technology Solutions enables organizations to harness the power of Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning with next-generation solutions that are designed to meet the needs of customers that view technology as a strategic driver. We uphold a two-in-a-box culture for better communication, collaboration and commitment. We strike a balance between speed and intelligence for consistent dependable services. Our best-of-the-breed services and solutions coupled with our transparency and trustworthiness ensure optimum client success and satisfaction.

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